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VALS, through Lexis/Nexis, publishes the HANDBOOK FOR LEGAL STAFF IN VIRGINIA. The handbook serves as a ready reference for guidance in the various duties of an employee in a law office.  Contact your LexisNexis Representative or phone (800) 833-9844, for further information, or to order it and get more information, you may link directly to Lexis/Nexis here.

Handbook for Legal Staff in Virginia
By the Virginia Association for Legal Professionals (VALS)
Price: $100.00
Publisher: Michie
Format: 1 volume, looseleaf
ISBN: 0327162139

Table of contents
Chapter 1 General Office Procedure
Chapter 2 Office Management
Chapter 3 Punctuation
Chapter 4 Duties of a Notary Public
Chapter 5 Accounting
Chapter 6 The Courts- State and Federal
Chapter 7 The Appellate Brief
Chapter 8 Citations
Chapter 9 The Jury System in Virginia
Chapter 10 Criminal Procedure
Chapter 11 Tort Action – Personal Injury
Chapter 12 Collections – General District Court
Chapter 13 Domestic Relations (Divorce)
Chapter 14 Adoption Procedure
Chapter 15 Guardianship and Conservatorship
Chapter 16 Power of Attorney
Chapter 17 Wills, Trusts and Probate Procedure
Chapter 18 Bankruptcy
Chapter 19 Corporations
Chapter 20 Real Estate
Chapter 21 Glossary – Legal Terms
Chapter 22 Rules for General District Court
Chapter 23 Virginia Discretionary Sentencing Guidelines
Chapter 24 Partnerships
Chapter 25 Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
Chapter 26 Workers’ Compensation
Appendix A