VALS 2014 Scholarship Application


A VALS Schlorship is presented each year to help make it possible for a deserving man and/or woman wishing to further their education to attend the school or college of their choice, with career goals to specifically include an interest/major in the legal field, and to create a public awareness that VALS stands ready to help make it possible for deserving men and women to further their education.

Persons eligible for the scholarship award shall include any Virginia resident or a member of a VALS chapter, who has been accepted in an accredited institution of higher learning (including college, business college, etc.) and who plans to pursue a career in the legal profession.


1.         Provide satisfactory statements from required references;

2.         Have a grade point average of “B” substantiated by an official grade transcript of school or college applicant is currently enrolled in or last attended. This requirement will be waived for an applicant who is currently employed in the legal profession.

3.         Applicants nominated in prior years, including winners, are eligible to make application for the award so long as all other conditions of the application are adhered to.

The award will be made on the basis of applicant’s scholastic achievement and leadership ability.  Special attention shall be given to the autobiographical statement content and why the applicant wishes to pursue his or her chosen career.  Although financial need is one of the considerations, it is not the main consideration.  Often those applicants who demonstrate the greatest level of financial need are eligible for state or federal assistance.  The award shall be given to a deserving person as recognition of achievement, with career goals to specifically include an interest/major in the legal field.


1.         The scholarship must be accepted by the college or school the recipient chooses to attend.

2.         Payment of the award will be made directly to the college or school chosen by the recipient.

3.         Payment of the award shall be made directly to the college of the recipient’s choice in time for the commencement of classes upon receipt of proof of enrollment at the college or school chosen by the recipient.

4.         The recipient of the award is under no obligation other than to exert his or her best efforts toward obtaining an education.

5.         All information supplied to the VALS Scholarship Chairman shall be kept strictly confidential.


1.         The full amount of the award is to be applied toward school or college expenses.

2.         Any winner having accepted the award who thereafter finds that he or she will be unable to attend school shall notify the VALS Scholarship Chairman promptly.

3.         Should unforeseen circumstances prevent a recipient from continuing his or her education after the scholarship funds have been used, no effort will be made to seek reimbursement of the award.

4.         If an applicant must leave school or college because of unforeseen circumstances during the year in which the scholarship award is being used, his or her account will be summarized and prorated according to the regulations of the institution.  The portion to be refunded shall be returned to the VALS Scholarship Chairman.

5.         If at a future date an applicant wishes to contribute to the VALS Scholarship Program when he or she has become self-sustaining, he or she may do so through the VALS Scholarship Chairman.


A.        The deadline for receiving applications by the Scholarship Chairman shall be April 1 of each calendar year.  Any application received thereafter will be disqualified. Incomplete applications will also be disqualified.

B.         The original application and all attachments must be submitted.  No facsimile or e-mail application will be accepted.

C.         The application forms used must be those provided by VALS.

D.        Each application must be accompanied by

1.         A typewritten narrative autobiographical statement on one page (8½ x 11) showing the following:

(a)        date of birth

(b)        schools attended

(c)        employment history

(d)        school activities

(e)        hobbies

(f)        career goals to specifically include an interest/major in the legal field

(g)        brief statement telling why applicant wishes to pursue his or her chosen career

(h)        brief statement telling why applicant desires the award (need for financial assistance should be included)

2.         The applicant’s official school transcript with cumulative grade point average computed.

3.         An evaluation of applicant’s leadership qualities to be furnished by a member of the faculty of the school applicant has been attending.

4.         Letters of recommendation from two (2) unrelated parties attesting to the applicant’s activities and leadership record in the community, a description of the applicant’s character, personality, and drive.

The VALS Scholarship Chairman shall announce the name of the recipient of the award at the Annual VALS Convention. Immediately following the announcement of the name of the award recipient, the VALS Scholarship Chairman shall notify the school or college of the recipient’s award, describing the award and its conditions, and make arrangements for the payment of the award to the Treasurer of the school or college.

Within ten (10) days after the announcement of the scholarship recipient is made at the Annual VALS Convention, the VALS Scholarship Chairman shall notify the recipient in writing that he or she has been awarded the scholarship.

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